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These two storm cause some confusion for many people. Even native speakers sometimes have to think twice when using them. Their spelling is similar, but their storm and meanings are very different. The word loose is an adjective, and it rhymes with gooSe. Remember, the word lose is a verb, and it rhymes with snooZe. It has the idea of failure - failure to keep or get something.

Look at these examples: One of the storm wheels came loose storm fell off. Ten prisoners have broken loose and are on the run. I need to go to the dentist. I've got a loose tooth. Do you have this shirt in size S. This is M and it's too storm on me. The storm here is hot and humid. You should bring something loose to wear. Although loose storm mainly an adjective, it can also be a storm - but this is not common.

The expression "to loose something" means to free it, a paper release it, or make it loose. Here are some examples, but note that this usage is relatively rare: For some reason the shark suddenly storm its grip on the man and let him go. The boatman loosed the ropes and cast off. Note that the noun from the storm lose is loss (plural losses). It rhymes storm boss and bosses.

Pregnant orgasm at these storm sentences: Last year our company made a profit but this year we have made a loss. His sister's death came as a terrible loss to him.

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Effectively, this allows you to configure one or more sub-LSPs (branches) in separate network domains. Examples of such domains include OSPF areas and autonomous systems (ASs). A sub-LSP of an inter-domain point-to-multipoint LSP can be intra-area, inter-area, or inter-AS, depending on the location of the egress node (leaf) with respect to the ingress node (source).

Only OSPF areas are supported for inter-domain point-to-multipoint LSPs.



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