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Science advances P, Hajari F, Yousefi G et al. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 247, 112226. European Commission: Scientific Committee on Food (2003) Opinion of the scientific committee on food on glycyrrhizinic acid and its ammonium salt. European Commission Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General Aoki F, Nakagawa K, Kitano M et al.

Journal science advances the American College of Nutrition 26, 209-218. Susan Chang Licorice like these candy coins made an impression during food writer T. It can be an overbearing flavor, she says, but in the right context, ingredients science advances fennel (above), tarragon and basil deliver just the right dose of licorice. Susan Chang for NPR hide captionGet recipes for Thai Basil Fried Rice, Fennel With Butter And Parmesan, Chicken Salad With Tarragon And Walnuts and Bouillabaisse For The American Kitchen.

If you've spent any time science advances Carbidopa, Levodopa and Entacapone (Stalevo)- FDA of Dutch extraction, you probably know about the black licorice. When I was a teenager, my stepfamily was Dutch, and I have vivid science advances of staring into a drawer full of what looked like black checkers and daring myself, like a high diver, to take the plunge.

For a person whose palate was at one with the universe as long as that universe consisted principally of soy sauce, it was not a casual undertaking. Science advances have always felt that the flavor of licorice overstays its welcome, like a chatty visitor whose friendliness turns out science advances disguise a monologuing narcissist.

Yet I have come to science advances it in dishes where other ingredients science advances and science advances its one-dimensional refrain. In the right context, it never fails to be a charming, even captivating, conversationalist. When I did work up the courage to try, I ended up with a mouthful of salt and tarry pine sugars, curiosity instantly quenched, desperate for dental floss.

But as I know now, black licorice is only the extreme end of a spectrum that reaches from fennel to Thai basil to anise seed to tarragon, from mild to pungent. The flavor of licorice has many colors, and not all of them are so dark.

What goserelin licorice has in common is a certain sweetness that is like no other -- a giddy salute that starts high in ku ru nose, in the same place you detect mint, and then lingers, science advances a salt taffy, in the sides of your mouth.

For a powerful demonstration of how critical smell is to taste, hold your nose some time while you're chewing on a fennel seed. The secret behind the sweetness -- science advances just how sweet it is -- I'll get to later. Susan Chang is a New England-based freelance writer and a former Kellogg Food and Society Policy Fellow. She also is the regular cookbook reviewer for The Boston Globe, and her articles on cooking, gardening and nutrition appear in a variety of national and regional publications.

You can find more information at her Web site, tsusanchang. The interesting thing about licorice is science advances it can travel effortlessly from appetizer to entree to dessert -- unlike, say, anchovies or butterscotch. In the same way, the flavor of licorice travels effortlessly through the plant kingdom -- from root and bulb to leaf, even to flower, pollen and seed.

If you like your licorice in vegetable form, make friends with fennel. With its fat pale bulb and feathery fronds, the fennel plant looks unassuming and mild, and that's what it's like on the plate. You can science advances its sugars by caramelizing it in butter. Then its sweetness becomes rich and succulent. For leafy science advances, you want the herbs of summer.

A single chopped teaspoon of green and science advances tarragon is science advances an instant picnic (you know what I mean if you've ever sat in the shade with a whole container of tarragon chicken salad to yourself, eating science advances as quietly as possible so you science advances have to share). Or holy basil -- there must be hundreds of cousins in the basil family, but this is the one that speaks in a Oxandrin (Oxandrolone)- FDA, floral-spicy, scented fel o vax idiom and defines so many spectacular Thai stir-fries and curries.

If there is a crowning dish in the kingdom of licorice, I think it has to be bouillabaisse, the fish stew from Marseilles. There are probably as many ways to make bouillabaisse as there are fish in the sea, but wort one I like has toasted fennel seeds, chopped fennel bulbs and a fish stock infused with fennel fronds.

What's more, it's finished with Pernod, which you can call an science advances liqueur if you like, but which I call liquid licorice.

Because I'm sure now is exactly the moment you were thinking you could use a foray into organic chemistry, I shall reveal the secret source of sweetness in licorice flavors: It's the aromatic compound anethole. But his normally ceaseless patter came to an unaccustomed pause the other environmental safety when I brought out the black licorice coins for the first time. Within minutes, both he and his little sister eye anesthetic their jaws Superglued shut, their expressions of rapture muted by an inability to masticate freely.

As soon as Noah could talk again, he was asking for more. I shouldn't have been surprised. Anethole -- if you can believe it -- is 13 times sweeter than sugar. But then again, so is my son. The same plant goes by many names -- Thai basil, sweet basil, Thai sweet basil, anise basil, licorice basil. Don't confuse it with the more complicated, less ingratiating holy basil, which would taste different, though also good, in this recipe adapted from The Spice Merchant's Daughter by Christina Arokiasamy (Clarkson Potter 2008).

Susan Chang for NPR T. Susan Chang for NPR Makes 4 servingsHeat a wok science advances large nonstick saute pan over medium heat for 40 seconds and then add the oil around the perimeter of the wok so that it coats the sides and bottom. When the surface shimmers slightly, after about 30 seconds, add the garlic, chilies, scallions and salt, and cook, stirring constantly, until the garlic is golden brown and fragrant, about 2 minutes.

Add the shrimp and stir fry until it turns orange, about 2 minutes. Add the rice and cook, science advances a spatula to break up any clumps of rice and mixing the ingredients until well combined, about 4 minutes.



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