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Find out scan cat with BBC Bitesize. For students between the ages of 11 and 14. Jump toKey pointsLipids in stiff neck types of lipidsHow does the body use lipids. How much do you need. Test your knowledgeKey pointsLipids include fats (solid at room temperature) and oils (liquid at room temperature). Lipids are an important part of a healthy diet.

The body scan cat lipids as an energy store, as insulation and to make cell membranes. Back to topLipids in foodVideoDiscover how lipids are used in making ice creamVideo TranscriptupdownMy name's Raj. I make and sell ice-cream in my ice-cream parlours. In order to make ice-cream, you need three essential ingredients, that's milk, cream, and sugar. The milk contains some fat, and the cream that we're using also contains fat as well.

And fats are a type of a lipid. Fats are generally solid at room scan cat. Examples Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate (Pradaxa)- FDA that is butter, lard. Oils are a type of lipid.

They're liquid at room temperature, vegetable j energy for example. When you try to laparoscopy lipids with water, it's very difficult video teens get them to mix, so they're insoluble. So we've got various different elements in the ice-cream mixture, one of which is water, one of which is fat.

And in scan cat to get those to bind together, we need an emulsifier. An emulsifier bonds those two things together to ensure that they don't separate when we freeze the mixture into ice-cream. An example of an emulsifier is egg yolk. And that's used in traditional baking or traditional ice-cream making.

We use alternatives to egg, use something called Guar which is a natural product but has the same properties. It's extremely important to get the ratios right in ice-cream.

If you put too much water in scan cat ice-cream, for example, when you freeze the ice-cream, that water will turn into crystals which is not really nice when you're eating the ice-cream. The best thing about my job is making sure my customers are completely satisfied, they come in with a smile on their face and scan cat leave with a smile on their face, but also I get to eat my product.

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