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Discover brands Become proton pump inhibitor positive luxury brand Enjoy the numerous benefits that come from being a member of the positive luxury community. Start your journey Stay up to date Join our exclusive email newsletter proton pump inhibitor news on sustainability, industry trends and upcoming events. The British government will now likely sell the ship if it is confiscated as criminal proceeds. Photo by YachtCharterFleet Article content When police stormed a luxury yacht off the coast of England and seized two tonnes of cocaine, the scene of British officers unpacking the enormous stash sparked surprise memories for a Vancouver man.

Aboard his old yacht. Peter White-Robinson watched the news in wonder in Vancouver while his family and friends abroad sent him messages joking about what on earth he had been up to. Proton pump inhibitor police raid is an unexpected chapter in the storied life of the ship that was once a naval warship and in the life of White-Robinson, 73, who became an accidental resident of Canada because of that yacht, and whose passion for adventure proton pump inhibitor paved the way for the narcos to move such an immense load across the Atlantic.

Border Force vessels were covertly monitoring the Kahu, a luxury Jamaican-flagged yacht sailing proton pump inhibitor the Caribbean, as it entered the English Channel. British authorities had been tipped off by Australian police, who learned of the plot in a sting operation earlier in the year.

On Thursday, police intercepted and boarded the Kahu while it was still in international waters, about 80 miles off the southwest coast of England. Six men one a British citizen and five from Nicaragua were arrested and the Kahu was escorted to a U. Inside row after row of coke, waterproof duffle bags, police discovered tightly wrapped bricks of cocaine, weighing more than 2,000 kilos.

Police released photos of the seizure on the weekend when the raid was announced. In the photos, the interior of the Kahu has barely change since White-Robinson sold it under duress in Vancouver in 2013. While living in his native New Zealand, White-Robinson was a full-blooded businessman as well as engineer. He dreamed big and acted on them. Proton pump inhibitor owned three companies, including Fitzroy Yachts, a superyacht construction firm.

White-Robinson loved sailing and his yacht firm was a labour of love. Photo by Peter White-Robinson He wanted to buy or build a superyacht of proton pump inhibitor own and take his family on an adventure of a lifetime, sailing around the world.

When the New Zealand Navy was decommissioning a patrol boat, White-Robinson bought it and turned it into something special. He lengthened it by 10 metres, rebuilt, refitted, and repurposed the vessel into a family adventure yacht. He boosted its power and range as well as its comfort. While he designed the infrastructure, his wife, Sharon, designed the interior, creating impressive entertaining, cooking, sleeping, and eating quarters, as well as a classroom for their two young sons, aged 12 and 13 at the time.

In 2012, the White-Robinson family, with family friends, set off on their planned two-and-a-half-year journey, along with a crew comprised of a schoolteacher, chef, captain and engineer. They worked their way across the Pacific Ocean, visiting numerous South Pacific Islands.

Proton pump inhibitor next moored proton pump inhibitor Hawaii for a few months and then pushed on to the west coast of Canada. It was cut short in Vancouver.



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