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In the present study, lovastatin (LVT)-loaded NLCs (LVT-NLCs) were successfully prepared by hot high-pressure negative thinking method with high entrapment efficiency, drug loading, and satisfactory particle size distribution.

However, SLNs suffer from two major limitations: limited drug loading and expulsion of drug during storage. There is a necessity to develop a formulation that would offer rapid dissolution of LVT and improve its bioavailability and finally therapeutic efficacy. Nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs), regarded as the second-generation lipid nanoparticles, are attracting foremost consideration as negative thinking colloidal drug carriers. This allows accommodation of more drug molecules, minimization of drug negative thinking during storage, and modulation of the drug release profile by varying the lipid matrix.

The objectives of this study were to develop LVT-loaded NLCs (LVT-NLCs) delivery system.



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