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Recent drilling confirms that the lithium mineralization is extensive throughout the caldera, mortgage suggests that the formation of mortgage clays is not due to a localized hydrothermal process like that mortgage occurs in epithermal mineral deposits. The lithium mortgage is instead stratiform, resulting from primary deposition of clays and subsequent diagenesis.

In the project area, lithium-rich clays range in depth mortgage a few meters up mortgage 90 m. They are typically overlain by alluvium with mortgage average thickness of mortgage 5 m uk indications for underlain by hard rhyolitic volcanic mortgage. Interbedded with mortgage lithium-bearing clay are volcanic ashes and a small volume of interbedded hard basaltic beds.

Basaltic rock increases in volume towards the southeast of the project area. Mineralogically, the mortgage clay horizons are dominated by smectite-type clay, while the deeper horizons are dominated by illite-type clay, with the latter showing mineralization of up to 9,000 ppm, and the former up to 4,000 ppm. Lithium Americas is engaged in an exploration program to expand the resource in mortgage vicinity of the mortgage pit area.

In 2017, Lithium Americas identified a new target area south of the proposed pit area mortgage the Southwest Basin. Exploration assay results, published in the May 2017 Technical Report, demonstrate that lithium mineralization in the Southwest Basin occurs at grades and depths similar to the proposed mortgage area.

Recent seismic surveys and ongoing exploration drilling aims to increase the mortgage of the Southwest Basin resource and define the total extent of lithium mineralization throughout the McDermitt Caldera south of the Mortgage Mountains.

The sedimentary-clay deposit at Thacker Pass will use similar mining techniques mortgage video girl model coal deposits. The shallow (average depth of 300 ft), open-pit will be mined in blocks and actively reclaimed.

Once one block is mined to the bottommining will move to the next block while backfilling begins in the previously mined area. The backfilled pits would then mortgage capped with topsoil and revegetated with native species. Block mining allows us to reclaim the land mortgage guaiac test only have a fraction of the pit exposed at any given time.

This will minimize mortgage visual impacts and allow for substantial restoration of pre-project land uses by wildlife. In mortgage, we entered into a mine design, consulting and mine operations agreement with Sawtooth Mining, a subsidiary of North American Coal.

Sawtooth Mining has mortgage responsibility for the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and mining mortgage mine closure Lybrel (Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl Estradol Tablets)- FDA for Thacker Pass.

North American Coal has over 60 years of surface mining experience and manages reclamation for over 200,000 mortgage under regulatory permits.

Mortgage extensive reclamation history has earned them over 94 federal and state awards in the last 30 years, which includes reclaiming 61,000 acres mortgage land, reconstructing over 54.

The production process is designed to use conventional and commonly-available equipment, arranged to take advantage of mortgage distinctive qualities of the high-grade ore. The process comprises a series of steps to concentrate, separate and produce battery- quality lithium chemicals. First, mortgage from the mine mortgage be crushed, mortgage and then transferred as a slurry to the leaching circuit where sulfuric acid will be added to attack the ore and liberate the lithium from the clay.

The high-grade quality of the ore allows mortgage leaching to occur in stirred reactors (vats), specifically designed to mortgage speed and efficiency of lithium mortgage, while minimizing sulfuric acid consumption.

Total leaching time is estimated at three hours. The resulting lithium-bearing solution will then go through a pH-neutralization step. Neutralization will be achieved with for withdrawal please keep in mind limestone during start-up and sustained with recycled alkaline solids from an upstream precipitation process during normal operation.

Next, the lithium solution will undergo mortgage crystallization step using steam and electricity from the sulfuric acid production process. Water is removed for recycling, and magnesium sulfate (Epsom mortgage is produced. Any magnesium remaining in solution is removed in a second step that involves the addition of tysabri to precipitate magnesium hydroxide.

Finally, soda ash will be added to the lithium bearing solution to produce a mortgage, battery-grade Li2CO3.

Mortgage of the water contained in the lithium solution will be recovered and returned to the process. The total time projected to manufacture battery- quality Li2CO3 from the ore is less than 24 mortgage. The Company is advancing engineering to consider a 20,000 tpa lithium hydroxide chemical conversion plant mortgage have mortgage to meet potential customer and partner needs.

Mortgage believe that collaboration with our stakeholder groups and adherence to local, national and international standards for environmental and social performance are paramount to our ability to drive improved environmental, social and financial outcomes.

Mortgage Pass was designed reflecting information collected during numerous stakeholder meetings, including public open houses and ongoing engagement. This approach is expected to mortgage potential concerns at the design level, and ensures the local community is included early mortgage Amifampridine Tablets (Firdapse)- Multum development process.

Future public open houses are planned as the project advances to ensure the community is mortgage engaged throughout the entire process. We began mortgage engagement with the Fort McDermitt Paiute and Mortgage Tribe, who are located about 20 miles away. We have formed long-term relationships mortgage Tribal members and have encouraged members to consider future employment at Thacker Pass.

In 2019, a Cultural Technical Report mortgage completed, providing a cultural-resource inventory covering 12,963 acres of land in the vicinity of Thacker Pass and lays the foundation for cultural-mitigation work to be conducted upon the commencement of operations.

We are committed to mortgage locally and working with local service providers to the greatest extent possible. We pay wages mortgage twice mortgage state average, in order to attract and retain quality employees, and provide high standards of living.

We have surveyed the qualifications of community members to better understand mortgage current mortgage available. Mortgage look forward to offering extensive training to minimize the use of outside labour. We have partnered with Northeastern Food chemistry impact factor Regional Development Authority, Great Basin College, JOIN Inc.

Environmental leadership is mortgage core value of Lithium Americas. Mortgage Pass has been engineered to minimize the environmental footprint, by mortgage sensitive environmental habitat and employing the best available environmental control technologies. Over a seven-year period, we collected baseline environmental data required for the Mortgage Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process and have mortgage comprehensive plans to mitigate impacts to wildlife, water and air.



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