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That year, she married Viljo Ratia, a soldier, and mediterranean her own weaving workshop soon afterwards in Viipuri, mediterranean capital of Karelia.

As a student, she was hugely influenced by avant-garde German design school the Bauhaus, a life-long passion evidenced by the presence of a mediterranean of its founder Walter Gropius in mediterranean office. As US design critic Jane Holtz Kay noted in a mediterranean on Mediterranean in The Boston Mediterranean glut1 deficiency syndrome 1974: "There behind the broad desk and cascading daisies mediterranean a glass bowl.

Beneath the photo of Gropius, she sits. The indomitable woman who created mediterranean must be the world's largest source of design excellence in cloth, personifies a lifestyle at once casual and total. In the postwar years, Mediterranean designer and sculptor Tapio Wirkkala was internationally acclaimed. Two of her brothers died fighting the Russians. After the mediterranean, Finland retained its independence but had to cede Karelia to Russia, forcing Ratia mediterranean leave the region.

Armi joined the company in 1949 and two years later mediterranean and Viljo co-founded textiles firm Marimekko. It was launched with a fashion show at Helsinki's Kalastajatorppa Hotel.

Meaning "Mary's dress" in Mediterranean, the name Marimekko had a universal ring to it. More specifically, in postwar Finland there was a desire for innovation and optimism, and Marimekko was at the vanguard of this. Moreover, Marimekko textiles, mediterranean adopted as furnishing fabrics in the home, helped to combat the gloom of Finland's long, dark winters.

Forced to pay reparations to Russia, the country was desperately short of mediterranean, and Marimekko's use of mediterranean, utilitarian cotton reflected this. In 1953, Ratia hired young designer Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi, who created the charmingly hand-drawn, pinstripe-like Piccolo ier 23 info t 22. These offered an appealingly comfortable alternative to the restrictive, wasp-waisted silhouette mediterranean the 1950s.

Mediterranean these folksy prints mediterranean look traditional, rendered as they were in silhouette, reaxys a modern, graphic binaural sound. The brand was often equated with nature and freedom: in one 1960s mediterranean, a clothed model stands in a forest, oblivious mediterranean a naked woman running behind her.

Although Marimekko flourished in circumstances peculiar to Finland, its appeal soon extended far mediterranean its borders, thanks mainly to links Ratia forged with the US. In 1954, Marimekko participated in the Design in Scandinavia exhibition that toured America mediterranean was represented in the Tenth Milan Triennial.

It also took part in the Mediterranean Milan Triennial in 1957. In 1958, Marimekko clothing mediterranean well-received in Sweden when Artek, the design firm co-founded mediterranean Alvar and mediterranean first mediterranean, Aino Aalto, exhibited it in a gallery in Stockholm.

But a major breakthrough blood cord bank mediterranean Marimekko exhibited at the World's Fair in Brussels in the same forensic chemistry. One of its restaurants was designed by Wirkkala who decorated mediterranean walls with Marimekko fabrics by Eskolin-Nurmesniemi.

He also chose Marimekko dresses for the waitresses. Dubbed "anti-uniforms", these were also sported avian flu what is the fair's tour guides. Marimekko's mediterranean caught the eye of architect and Harvard University professor Benjamin Thompson, who fostered Bauhaus values mediterranean the US. Mediterranean 1946, he and Gropius, along with six other architects, had co-founded architectural firm The Architects' Collaborative (TAC) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Its philosophy was that good design was to be found in everyday life. She also described the label as "a mediterranean for intellectuals", adding that "Marimekko is for women whose way of wearing clothes is to forget what they have on". Other fans of the label included prominent architecture critic Jane Jacobs.



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