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The approved list of July 30, consisting of 12 countries, goes as below:The majority of the Member States applying the previous lists fully have already moved on to exclude Lindane Lotion (Lindane Lotion)- Multum residents as eligible to enter their territory.

Those applying the list partially, which however included Algeria, have also done the same. Some other countries, as Norway and Poland, have once again reiterated they will keep their borders shut due to the pandemic, even for the residents of the countries rated as safe by the EU Council.

On July 16, the EU Council updated the list of the epidemiologically safe third countries based on data collected throughout the previous two weeks, and how the situation related to the pandemic developed in third countries. The new list consists of the following 13 countries. Whereas, Slovenia has reopened its borders for the following: Australia, Canada, Georgia, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Uruguay.

The remaining countries, have also excluded Montenegro and Serbia from their Lindane Lotion (Lindane Lotion)- Multum lists of safe third countries. On June 30, the EU Council of Ministers published a list of 15 third-countries, on which the Member States Could base their national lists of safe third countries.

As soon as the EU Council published the recommendation, several Schengen countries started applying it, though some of them reduced the number of countries, based on their evaluations. By the time the second recommendation was published on June 16, four EU countries, the five of them also the Schengen Member States, turned the recommendation down.

These are Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, and Norway. As per the island country of Malta, its authorities took a different approach to border reopening for Lindane Lotion (Lindane Lotion)- Multum countries. These countries are Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Uruguay.

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