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Issues Windows notification area on the Mac menu bar. Allow Windows applications to enter the issues screen automatically when running in the Coherence mode. Share iCloud, Dropbox, biophys biochim acta Google Drive macOS folders with Windows.

Use macOS Dictionary in Windows. Use macOS Dictation in Windows. Use macOS Quick Look in Windows. Use macOS Special Characters in Windows. Pin your contacts from Windows Issues Bar to macOS Dock. Share Windows files issues the macOS Share menu issues in the Windows context menu.

Insert photos and documents from iPhone to Windows. Issues files from Finder to Windows issues client. Use synchronized macOS Do Not Disturb with Windows 10 Focus Assist. Devices Use all your Mac keyboard layouts in Windows automatically.

Use synchronized keyboard issues selection between macOS and Windows. Customize keyboard shortcuts for virtual machines.

Use the mouse with seamless switching between macOS and Windows. Optimize mouse and keyboard for games. Use the smooth scrolling with Trackpad. Use the smooth zoom and rotate issues with TrackPad. Use Trackpad with Force Touch and Pressure Sensitivity in Windows. Use drawing tablets in Windows with full pen support (pressure, tilt, twist, erase). Print from Issues using Mac printers with issues printing and up to A0 issues size.

Synchronize the default printer between Mac and Windows. Show macOS printing settings before printing from Windows. Connect USB devices directly to a virtual machine. Manage USB devices' automatic connection to a running virtual machine.

Use a Mac web camera in Windows up to 4K issues. Use VoIP phones in Windows. Synchronize sound volume between macOS and Issues. Share Bluetooth devices with Windows. Issues Bluetooth devices to Windows using Simple Pairing. Use expanding virtual disks to occupy as much disk space as the virtual machine uses. Use real-time disk space optimization for Windows to optimize Mac disk space usage.

Automatically issues disk space on a virtual machine shutdown.



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