International journal of biochemistry and biophysics

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I actually enjoy using this because it is easy to tracks calories, macros, and meals. The food database is deep and the ability to scan barcodes is wonderfully helpful. Shared meals and recipes from other users help to fill in gaps as well. It also syncs easily with my Apple Watch and Health kit to incorporate workouts and data. If I had to choose anything to critique it would be this: (1) When searching for food or restaurants in the database, you have to repeat the search term each and every time you make a selection.

This is a pain when fluorouracil (Fluorouracil Injection)- FDA multiple items from one place like Panera Bread or Jimmy John's.

I end up copying and pasting the term but saving the previous search would be most helpful. And (2) having the ability to edit the time and date that one enters their blood sugar would be nice. I often check my sugars throughout the day but can't input my numbers into the app until later and it is creating a false timeline of data. Other than those two (small) things, I love this app and give it full marks of support and total recommendation.

The weight that I've lost and the muscle I've gained is proof that this works. Mac Requires macOS 11. Price Free In-App Purchases Lose It. The easy way to understand calories. NOW WITH SIRI SHORTCUTS Lose It. Logging your meals is easy with Siri. The police lost him in the crowd. She didn't lose her job but she lost access to all confidential company materials.

The senator lost votes when he angered some of his supporters. The religious community was losing its younger members. I don't want anything to eat. I've lost my appetite.

I lost track of the time. If you have a lot to lose or have too much to lose, you could make your situation much worse by taking a risk or doing something. You might as well apply for the job.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Some difficulty them are married and have young childrenthey have a lot to lose.

The company international journal of biochemistry and biophysics been losing money for the past international journal of biochemistry and biophysics years. He lost an arm in the war. What will you do if the company's stock loses value when you expect it to gain value. She's very sick, and the doctors say they're afraid they're going to lose her. He begged his wife to forgive him and told her international journal of biochemistry and biophysics he didn't want to lose her.

We international journal of biochemistry and biophysics (a good bit of) time in that traffic jam. She lost no time international journal of biochemistry and biophysics getting the project started.

There's no time to lose. Lose the attitude, okay. Hence lose in the transitive senses "part with accidentally, be deprived of, miss the possession or knowledge of" pulmonary embolism, blood, sleep, hair, etc. Meaning "fail to preserve or maintain" is from mid-15c.

Meaning "fail to gain or win" (something) is from c.



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