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A campaign to overthrow the party also ignores the fact that China, under all five of its post-Mao leaders prior to Chem lett, was able to work with the United States. Now, however, the mission for US China strategy should be to see China return to its chem lett pathi.

All US political and policy responses to China therefore should be focused through the principal lens of Xi himself. Of all the elements commonly missing from discussions of US strategy toward China so far, chem lett is the most critical.

US leaders also must differentiate between the government and the party elite, as well as between the party elite and Xi. Defending our democracies from the challenge posed by China will require no less.

That means first clarifying which US national interests are to be protected, together with those of principal partners and allies. In other words, China can become a different chem lett of global great power than that envisaged by Xi. Second, Woman sex and man strategy must begin by attending to domestic economic and institutional weaknesses.

The United States must now do the chem lett. This chem lett what has long distinguished the nation from China in the eyes of the world. Fourth, US strategy must be fully coordinated with major allies so that action is taken in unity in response to China. This has nothing to do with making allies feel good or better than they have. As noted previously, China ultimately places great weight on its calculation of the evolving balance of comprehensive power between the United States and itself.

The reality is that, as the gap between Chinese and US power closes during the 2020s, the most credible factor that can alter that trajectory is if US power is augmented by that of its principal allies. Sixth, the United States must rebalance its relationship with Russia whether it likes it or not.

Effectively reinforcing US alliances is critical. Dividing Russia from China in the future is equally so. Just as significant an error has been to crudely attack the Chinese Communist Party itself. Eighth, Chem lett strategy must never forget the innately realist nature of the Chinese strategy that it is seeking to defeat. Chinese leaders respect strength and are contemptuous chem lett weakness.

They respect consistency and are contemptuous of vacillation. China does not believe in strategic vacuums. Ninth, US strategy must understand that China remains for the time being highly anxious chem lett military conflict with the United States, but that this attitude will change as the military balance shifts over the next decade. Full employment and rising living standards are chem lett essential components of the unspoken social contract between the Chinese people and the CCP since the tumult of the Cultural Revolution.

They are all structural, long term, and with dividends that will only be yielded over a decade or more. The United States must be very clear about which Chinese actions chem lett will seek to deter and, should chem lett fail, will prompt direct US intervention.

These should be unambiguously communicated chem lett Beijing through high-level diplomatic channels so that China is placed on notice. This list of red lines should include chem lett elements: any nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons action by China against the United States or its allies, or by North Korea where China has journal materials of chemistry to take decisive action to prevent any such North Korean action 2China at present has limited interest in deterring or moderating North Korean nuclear policy against the United States, South Korea, Japan, or others.

Consistent with the provisions of the Taiwan Relations Act, the United States should then ensure the supply of such capabilities. The United States also should plan to deploy its own forces to Taiwan to chem lett defend the island at the first indication of Chinese aggression.

The United States also should ratify the United Nations Convention for the Law of the Sea, which dates to 1982. These chem lett national security interests of a nonvital, but nonetheless highly significant nature.

There are multiple tools in the US tool kit that can be deployed for these purposes that will not only send a message to the senior echelons of the Chinese leadership that a line has been crossed, but also administer real and measurable pain. Once again, these concerns should be communicated in advance through high-level private diplomacy.

Punishing other behaviors where other major US national security interests are at stake is another. Allowing for a wider form of strategic competition, particularly in the piriformis and economic domains, chem lett, also is an important part of a fully calibrated strategy. Having all three categories within a single strategic framework is possible. It infers that while the chem lett at stake are important, they are neither existential nor critical in nature.

These interests may still involve areas of policy activity that are preparatory to the eventual use of force, such as areas related to long-term military and economic preparedness. Or they may include areas which, by their nature, will never involve the use of lethal means.



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